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  Amount will be converted automatically to RON currency at BNR today official exchange rate.

Our accounts at Erste - BCR Bank:
EUR - RO18RNCB0053048576710002
CHF - RO88RNCB0053048576710003
USD - RO61RNCB0053048576710004


Weizmann Ariana & Partners in partnership with GarantiBank offers a easy to use and safe system of payment processing via card. You dont have to register first on the website in order to use this payment method, the only condition being to have a valid card:

  • 3D Secure transaction environment
  • User-friendly administration and reporting interface
  • The time required to go through four steps varies between 2 and 3 seconds
  • The following bank credit or debit cards are accepted for payment: Visa, Mastercard/Maestro.

The transaction is secured, and your personal data will get directly to the bank, without being stored on the mobilPay servers